3-Part Switched Access ICC Rate Tutorial

Impact Analysis: The 2014 Annual Filings and the FCC’s Inter-carrier Compensation Reform

Here’s your chance to get a quick, no-nonsense look at this year’s July 1 access filings...and you may be surprised because a few LEC’s, despite the FCC’s intent to lower rates until a bill and keep regime is realized, have filed changes that in some jurisdictions will actually raise your costs for switched access!

CCMI has produced a three part, online training session that gives you a trenchant look at access charge history, explains the piece parts of the FCC’s reform plan and then delivers a real world impact analysis of the 2014 filing for one jurisdiction (wait ‘til you’ll seethe result!).

After looking at the session, if you’d like CCMI to conduct a similar impact analysis on a jurisdiction important to you, please contact sales@ccmi.com.